My birth chart reading with Lexie was single handedly the most transformational moment of my adult life. As someone that is very new to astrology, she was patient, explained everything very clearly and kindly, and never made me feel silly for asking basic questions. Through the chart reading, she helped me understand my strengths, validated my fears and showed me how I can be my best by not pushing against the universe. I feel like I have a deeper understanding of my self, and not only that, I have a deeper understanding of the plan that I have wanted / set out for myself. Lexie unknowingly helped me answer some really tough questions I didn’t even realize I was avoiding. I felt validated, enlightened, strong, determined, and ready to make some decisions and changes with confidence. I would recommend a birth chart reading to anyone that wants to learn more about the way they internally operate to make the most of their life. I feel like this review doesn’t even do it justice – basically I can’t recommend Lexie enough!