Is there something in your life that you desire a little more clarity around? Maybe you’ve been told that astrology can help you but you’re not 100% ready to get a full birth chart reading.

A Single Question Reading might be the solution for you! It’s a great way to get some information you’ve been looking for and to dip your toe into what it could be like to get a birth chart reading.

It’s quite simple! All you need to do is give me a little bit of info about yourself (birth date, birth time, and birth location) and provide your question. Your question could be:

  • I’m feeling restless at work. Could this mean I need a new job?
  • Why have not been getting along with my spouse lately?
  • When is a good time for me to deliver this really important piece of information?
  • What should I be focusing on in the year ahead?

*Almost no question is off limits, however, there are some that I just can’t answer. A couple of topics to avoid are death and fertility. If you do submit a question that I can’t answer, I will contact you via email to make changes or issue a refund. Be advised that this could delay the delivery time of your answer.*

In our 30 minute meeting, we will discuss the following:

  1. Brief explanations of your Sun, Moon, and Rising signs
  2. The answer to your question along with a description of how I arrived to that answer

After our meeting, you will receive an email that will contain personalized journal prompts to help you work through the information.


That’s it! It’s as simple as that! So what’s your question??