If you are on this site at all, then you just might have some interest in Astrology and its offerings. But I can understand having hesitation in believing it’s validity. Let me shed some light on what to expect in a Birth Chart Reading:

  • The chart itself is a snapshot of the sky at the exact moment of your birth
  • Through the locations of the planets, you will gain deeper knowledge about your personality, how you express yourself, and who the REAL you is
  • We will look at how the planets interact with each other which will help you prepare for challenges, as well as realize when luck is on your side
  • To go even deeper, we will discuss your true calling and the big lesson you are to learn in this lifetime
  • And to help move forward, we will discuss the cosmic weather this is coming up and how you can work with that energy to create what you want to create

With this, let me shed additional light onto what a Birth Chart is not:

  • It is not a fortune telling experience :: although Astrology can provide a direction, I cannot tell you that something will or will not happen with complete certainty
  • A cure all :: yes, Astrology is immensely helpful when trying to understand the nuances of the human experience, but if you do nothing with the insights you gain, you will be doing yourself a disservice

The ultimate purpose in understanding your Birth Chart is not to have excuses for the way that you are, but to understand why you are the way you are, and what the next step is to make positive changes in your life. Use this study of the stars in the sky to help you become a more grounded person on this earth.