Astrology is a major key to self-love and understanding. You deserve to discover and live your truth.

Alexandria (Lexie) Rollet

I firmly believe that Astrology ISN’T an excuse for who we are. It’s a tool to help us GROW into who we are meant to be!

Time and time again I hear my clients tell me that after meeting with me, they finally feel validated.

And you know what?

Sometimes you just need someone to validate what you’ve been feeling before you can move on and create the change you want to see.

Astrology is simply a language for something inside of us that we already inherently know but can’t seem to put words to. It helps us understand ourselves better and gives us a language to translate our needs to other people for better interpersonal relationships.

Again, it’s not an excuse for who we are. But it at least tells us WHY.

And the beautiful thing about the natal chart is that even though there are shadow sides to us all and challenging things that feel like they are in our way and holding us back, there is ALWAYS an answer in the chart to help us cultivate what we really want to see in ourselves or be who we really want to be.

It is possible to know ourselves in an intimate and deep level. It is possible to love ourselves, even with this deep knowledge. And it is possible to strengthen the light sides of ourselves through the deep understanding of our shadow sides.