Each day of the week is ruled by a celestial body, giving that day a particular energy for us to work with. As you read through each day, make some mental notes or grab your journal and just check: are you already using this energy? If not, what adjustments can you make to utilize it?

Mondays are ruled by the Moon and they are associated with Cancer.

Mondays are a wonderful day to plan your week ahead, focus your energy inward as opposed to outward, and maybe that looks like journaling for you.

Personally, I don’t feel like we give ourselves the opportunity to allow the Monday energy to take control. Instead, we usually try to force lots of action on Mondays and then we are ultimately faced with a “Case of the Mondays”. But if we give ourselves the grace and permission to use Mondays as a way to ease into the week by planning out what the rest of it should look like, we might find that we don’t actually dread Mondays anymore.

Tuesdays are ruled by Mars and they are associated with Aries and Scorpio.

Tuesday is a wonderful day to do your hardest tasks of the week. This is the day that is filled with the most amount of energy and passion. It would be a great day to work out, dig into a passion project, and get some shit done!

To me, I’ve always felt like the week truly hasn’t started until Tuesday. Maybe that’s because I am a Cancer and deeply connect to Mondays being a prep day. It’s always felt like Tuesday is the day to get after it and see what I can accomplish in the day!

Wednesdays are ruled by Mercury and they are associated with Gemini and Virgo.

Wednesday is a wonderful day to communicate and engage in small moves of transportation. This is a great day to make announcements, to write correspondence, write out your social media posts, schedule deliveries for this day, and take local trips.

Wednesdays are also a great day to use your brain power. The energy on this day lends itself to making great headway on anything you’re working on.

Thursdays are ruled by Jupiter and they are associated with Sagittarius and Pisces.

Thursday is a wonderful day to THINK BIG! On this day, we have the energy of Jupiter giving us the ability to expand our thinking, dream big, focus on new developments, get creative, and try new things! This is also a great day to learn something new OR teach someone a topic that you’re an expert in.

I love Thursdays! They’ve always felt energetic to me. There is the excitement that it’s almost Friday so all of that feel-good energy inspires me to come up with new ideas and get dreamy!

Fridays are ruled by Venus and they are associated with Taurus and Libra.

Fridays is a wonderful day to have fun, obviously! Venus helps us with infusing beauty into our day, celebrating the wins we had over the week, letting us in on some much needed self-care, and yes, it gives us the little extra push to complete the things we set out to get done that week.

Saturdays are ruled by Saturn and they are associated with Capricorn and Aquarius.

Saturday is a really great day to complete those mundane, adulting tasks. Saturn gives us the energy to complete last minute errands, do chores around the house, mow the lawn, organize the pantry, and finish up any last minute work related items if necessary.

I don’t know about you but my Saturdays are usually filled with some kind of fun activity and then on Sunday, I regret that I didn’t do the chores that I wanted to get done.

So I think how I might change things up is by getting up early on Saturdays to complete all of those tasks that I know I need to get done, that way the afternoon/evening can be filled with fun AND THEN I don’t feel bad for doing nothing on Sundays.

Sundays are ruled by the Sun and they are associated with Leo.

Sunday is a really great day to reconnect with your inner child and get lost in play! The Sun provides vitality and energy so this is a great day to use play as a way to recharge the batteries.

My Sundays are usually spent relaxing and when it’s a nice day outside, I’m usually playing some kind of sport or hanging out with the family.

So how did you do? Is your life already aligned with the daily energies? Or are there any adjustments you’d like to make?