We are OFFICIALLY in Aries season!! Happy astrological new year to you!!

Who’s ready to get shit done?!! I know I am!! Pisces season kind of forced me to slow down…or maybe that was Mercury retrograde…who knows! But I definitely slowed down on a few things which really allowed me to rest up and gear up for Aries!! Did you guys experience this??

Astrological Look Ahead

Mercury is ALMOST direct! On March 29th we will finally have some relief from Mercury’s shenanigans. I know we feel a ton of active energy right now but if you want to start something new new, I’d wait until the weekend just in case. If you’ve already been planning well in advance of the retrograde, then by all means, GO FOR IT!! Mercury will remain in Pisces until April 18th. So even though the Sun is in trailblazing Aries, our communications are heavy in the feels. Aries can inspire us to be blunt and to the point which is might not always land well with this emotional energy.

Venus is moving into Pisces on the 27th until April 21st. Again with the emotion! This is definitely a time to use our intuition within our relationships. We will feel a little bit more flow within them and there could be more flow within the flow of money. (Haha see what I did there?) It’s actually a bit more flow in the WAY we make money. 

Mixture of Aries and Pisces 

So we have the planet of vitality (the Sun) in Aries, encouraging us to get shit done, be active, start new things, and be leaders. But for almost the entire Aries season we have Mercury, Venus, and Neptune all in Pisces. So while we are feeling the pull to take action, we have plenty of energy pulling us to trust our intuition. THIS IS AMAZING!!! What an amazing opportunity we have to tap into our inner knowing and actually ACT UPON IT!!!! I’ll admit, the mix of fire and water can be a tough one. There may be moments when all of the doing energy might get suffocated by the swell of emotions. We actually might even feel more anxious than usual because of this. But if Aries can keep Pisces in reality, the pair can actually make very powerful, heart-centered change. 

Below, I’ve listed out the area of life that will be activated by Mercury, Venus, and Neptune for each sign. Find your Sun and your Rising signs so that you can get the full picture of what is coming up for you. This is the area that will be infused with your intuition, creativity, flow, and where you could potentially lose reality.

Aries – Spirituality & Healing
Taurus – Community and Dreams       
Gemini – Career and Public Life
Cancer – Mental Exploration and Travel      
Leo – Joint Ventures and Passion
Virgo – Partnerships and Equality
Libra – Health and Daily Work
Scorpio – Children and Creativity
Sagittarius – Home and Private Life          
Capricorn – Communication and Self-Expression
Aquarius – Personal Possessions and Self-Worth
Pisces – Identity and Sense of Self

Featured Image of this post by Hans Christian Strikert on Unsplash