All of the signs have what is called a “Quality”, which is also called a “Quadruplicity” (grouping the signs into groups of four).

The first quality is Cardinal. These signs sit at each angle of the natural zodiac chart which is what gives them the same quality. 

Cardinal signs are the leaders of the zodiac. They often have pioneering ideas, they’re ambitious, intent on success, and they are great starters.

The shadow side of cardinal signs is that even though they are great starters, finishing is a struggle. They can be domineering and only want their way. 
Since each cardinal sign is a different element, their leadership styles are different.

Aries (Fire, Ascendant angle) – leads with passion. They excite and motivate others to believe in their mission.

Cancer (Water, I.C. angle) – leads with emotion. They make everyone feel heard, comfortable, and inspired.

Libra (Air, Descendant angle) – leads with justice. They find the balance in situations and between people.

Capricorn (Earth, M.C. angle) – leads with a firm hand. They establish rules and regulations to accomplish even the biggest of goals.

The second quality is Fixed. These signs are the second sign that comes after each angle so they build off of the Cardinal sign before it.

Fixed signs are the sustainers of the zodiac. They are really good at maintaining what is already there. When a Cardinal sign starts something new, they often have to convince the Fixed sign to get on board. Once the Fixed sign is on board, they are the ones that make sure the idea gets finished.

The shadow side of fixed signs is that they can be stubborn and set in their ways.

Since each fixed sign is a different element, their fixed nature is expressed is slightly different ways.

Taurus (Earth, First quadrant) – focused on security. They will only change direction if it promises greater security in their life and finances.

Leo (Fire, Second quadrant) – focused on standing out. Leos strongly believe in consistency, especially in their own image.

Scorpio (Water, Third quadrant) – focused on legacy. Scorpios play the longest game of any sign with extreme intent.

Aquarius (Air, Fourth quadrant) – focused on being unique. The only thing truly consistent about Aquarius is that they are consistently evolving. 

The third and final quality is Mutable. These signs are the last sign in each quadrant and build off of the Fixed sign that comes before it.

Mutable signs are the adapters of the zodiac. They are excellent at filling in the gaps and fulfilling the needs that no one else sees. They pave the way for the next Cardinal sign to come in.

The shadow side of mutable signs is that consistency is difficult for them and they can seem shifty to others.

Since each mutable sign is a different element, their mutable nature is expressed is slightly different ways.

Gemini (Air, First quadrant) – flexible communicators. Gemini is the most chameleon-like as they can alter their communication style to fit the audience they are speaking to.

Virgo (Earth, Second quadrant) – flexible analysts. Virgo is especially adept at fulfilling the needs of others, especially within a work setting.

Sagittarius (Fire, Third quadrant) – flexible adventurer. This sign has a pure zest for life and the more the plans change, the more exciting their life is.

Pisces (Water, Fourth quadrant) – flexible healers. Pisces is so in tune with other people’s emotions that they intuitively know what they need.

Look at your chart to see how many planets are in each quality. Whichever quality has more planets in it is the primary quality that drives you. What is YOUR primary quality??