Mercury is moving again! On Monday, the 11th, Mercury moves into imaginative Pisces. With this location, our communication becomes a little more emotional, dreamy, intuitive, creative, and blurred. This time is really great for dreaming up creative ways to do things, getting more in touch with our deepest emotions, and being a sounding board for others. One thing to be wary of is that Pisces can create their own realities and disregard what’s actually happening. This could be present in our communication and our thought processes. Mercury will stay here quite a while due to a retrograde coming on March 6th.

Mars will be moving into Taurus on the 15th, proving to be quite a stubborn transit. Taurus is a fairly slow-moving, stubborn sign. Taurus is a fixed sign, and it’s arguably THE MOST fixed sign. When Taurus makes a decision, first of all, it takes them a very long time to come to the decision, and second of all, that decision will hold its place for a very long time. Taurus goes through a very long decision-making process – a combination of weighing every single option and not thinking about the matter at hand at all until absolutely necessary.

Understanding Taurus is important when trying to figure out what Mars being there will be like. Mars isn’t particularly happy being in Taurus because Mars is pure energy. Mars wants to go go go and constantly be active. So, as you can see, Mars doesn’t really get to do that when in Taurus UNLESS the decision is already made and Taurus is ready to act.

There will be a Full Moon in Virgo on February 19th. As a reminder, Full Moons are when things come to fruition and you can let go of what is no longer serving you. It’s also a time to make a last ditch effort to accomplish a goal you’ve been wanting to hit.

Below, I’ve listed out the areas of life that will be activated by Mercury, Mars, and the Moon for each sign. Find your Sun and your Rising so that you can get the full picture of what is coming up for you. With communication, this is the area that your communication will be infused with Pisces (creative, dreamy, potentially unrealistic). With energy, this is the area that you’ll feel the pull to be active (Mars) but it may be difficult to get moving (Taurus). With accomplish, you could see some goals come to light and it could also be an area where you will want to release what isn’t serving you anymore.

Aries – Communication // Spirituality

Energy // Personal Possessions and Self-Worth

Accomplish // Health and Daily Work

Taurus – Communication // Community and Dreams

   Energy // Identity and Sense of Self

   Accomplish // Children and Creativity

Gemini – Communication // Career and Public Life

   Energy // Spirituality

   Accomplish // Home and Private Life

Cancer – Communication // Mental Exploration and Travel

   Energy // Community and Dreams

   Accomplish // Communication and Self-Expression

Leo – Communication // Joint Ventures and Legacy

         Energy // Career and Public Life

         Accomplish // Personal Possessions and Self-Worth

Virgo – Communication // Partnerships

Energy // Mental Exploration and Travel

Accomplish // Identity and Sense of Self

Libra – Communication // Health and Daily Work

Energy // Joint Ventures and Legacy

Accomplish // Spirituality

Scorpio – Communication // Children and Creativity

    Energy // Partnerships

    Accomplish // Community and Dreams

Sagittarius – Communication // Home and Private Life

         Energy // Health and Daily Work

         Accomplish // Career and Public Life

Capricorn – Communication // Communication and Self-Expression

        Energy // Children and Creativity

        Accomplish // Mental Exploration and Travel

Aquarius – Communication // Personal Possessions and Self-Worth

      Energy // Home and Private Life

      Accomplish // Joint Ventures and Legacy

Pisces – Communication // Identity and Sense of Self

  Energy // Communication and Self-Expression

  Accomplish // Partnerships