It feels so good to be working at full speed again! I hope everyone had a great time over the holidays and you were able to recharge! Everyone should be feeling pretty motivated over the next month and a half because energetic Mars moved into Aries on January 2nd, giving us A TON of energy to crush our goals!

Here’s some things to be aware of for the first month of 2019!!


Yesterday on the 5th was the New Moon, which also happened to be a partial Solar Eclipse. I know this is coming out the day after but you can still feel it’s power today! Like I’ve said before, New Moon energy allows you to set new goals and intentions and to create what you want to create! This particular New Moon is incredibly powerful because of the Solar Eclipse but also because it has the added power of Mercury, Saturn, and Pluto. If there were ever a time to set a goal AND a plan to it, it would be upon THIS New Moon! 

Capricorn is an enterprising sign that is career driven, practical, and logical. Capricorn establishes a goal, marks out a plan, and executes the plan. Take this energy with you to the following area(s) of your life by checking out your Sun and Rising signs below:

Aries – Career and Public Life     
Taurus – Mental Exploration and Travel     
Gemini – Joint Ventures and Legacy    
Cancer – Partnerships      
Leo – Health and Daily Work     
Virgo – Children and Creativity     
Libra – Home and Private Life        
Scorpio – Communication and Self-Expression    
Sagittarius – Personal Possessions and Self-Worth    
Capricorn – Identity and Sense of Self              
Aquarius – Spirituality         
Pisces – Community and Dreams    

This New Moon and the intentions you set with it will correspond with the Capricorn Full Moon on July 16th, 2019 (my birthday!!). The idea is that these goals will come to fruition on or around that date if you’re putting in the work that is required to achieve them.


This transit began on January 2nd and will end on February 14th. I wrote about this transit for the Soulstrology Membership site from Ambi Kavanagh at Alchemy with Ambi. I am beyond excited to have been featured on the site! Ambi has been my mentor in Astrology for about a year now so to have her blessing has meant so much to me. If you want to read the article, just follow the links above and become a member of the site. Here’s a little teaser:

“We will experience a higher confidence level to attack our new goals with great fervor and force. We will be able to assert ourselves more profoundly and directly, especially if this isn’t in your typical nature. And if it is? Well everyone else better look out because you’re going to be charging into the new year like the determined Ram you are! Along with this confidence, we could become more domineering than we might have previously been. In some cases, this could be very helpful but in others, it could be too much.” 

Below is a list of the area(s) of life you are most likely experiencing this burst of energy:

Aries – Identity and Sense of Self         
Taurus – Spirituality                                   
Gemini – Community and Dreams          
Cancer – Career and Public Life                 
Leo – Mental Exploration and Travel         
Virgo – Joint Ventures and Legacy             
Libra – Partnerships                          
Scorpio – Health and Daily Work         
Sagittarius – Children and Creativity            
Capricorn – Home and Private Life               
Aquarius – Communication and Self-Expression
Pisces – Personal Possessions and Self-Worth

This is probably the best start to a new year we could possibly ask for! So much Capricorn energy calling us to get shit done and make quality plans to accomplish what we want to accomplish, AND Mars giving us an incredible dose of energy to attack those plans.

I’d love to hear about your goals for 2019!