Quite a few people have been expressing their concerns to me about Venus being retrograde in Libra. I’ve had Libras and other signs tell me they’re feeling extra emotional and moody and I’ve even had someone tell me their Libra husband of over 20 years just decided to end the marriage. To say things are turbulent right now is a bit of an understatement. 

I know I talked a little bit about Venus Retrograde in Libra last week but I feel like I need to dig a little bit deeper into it this week and include how this affects the individual signs. 

Let’s break a few things down, shall we?

Venus is the ruling planet of Libra. When direct, Venus in Libra is so relaxing. Libra is focused on creating balance and harmony. Libra knows that we are better together and wants to form meaningful partnerships that are mutually beneficial. Venus wants nothing more than to create a loving atmosphere, bring beauty to the Earth, and provide a sense of luxury in our lives. Venus in Libra is typically a time when you would want to make aesthetic changes such as getting your nails done, going to a spa with your best friend, putting a fresh coat of paint on your walls, or experimenting with new accessories in your wardrobe. This is typically a time when you really want to invest time and energy in your relationships by scheduling coffee dates, surprising your lover with a single rose, or taking your business partner out to lunch. This is all well and good but…

When a planet is retrograde, that means slow down. It’s asking us to reflect. It’s asking us to review, and it’s asking us to re-evaluate. Retrograde also means there’s something lacking. A big part of understanding astrology is understanding how two entities or concepts apply to each other. In this particular case, we are combining the concepts ‘slow down’, ‘review’, and ‘lack’ to partnerships, changing appearances, love, harmony, and balance. 

We may be experiencing a lack of harmony and balance within our relationships of all kinds. We may be feeling like our sources of love are no longer serving us.

What does this mean for the individual signs?

Aries – You’re questioning your partnerships more than any other sign. Take stock of your feelings, but don’t make any decisions about them until November 17th.

Taurus – You’re also feeling especially critical of yourself in terms of health and fitness. First of all, stop, you’re beautiful. Second of all, make some revamps to the diet and find a fitness program that feels like something that would bring you happiness.

Gemini – You are especially at risk for an old flame to pop back into your life. They might talk a big game, but don’t forget why it ended the first time.

Cancer – You’re really itching to make some changes in your home decor. Although this is wonderful, keep it to planning and Pinterest-ing until November 17th. 

Leo – The things you’re communicating just aren’t landing how you intend. Really take a moment to think before you speak and if it just isn’t necessary to say, don’t risk it.

Virgo – You’re very tempted to spend large amounts of money or borrow money. Wait until November 17th to take any actions. If you’ve survived until then without the purchase, do you still really need it? If no, don’t spend the money! If yes, can you save the money instead of borrowing?

Libra – You’re questioning yourself and how you show up in the world. First, gift yourself your favorite self-care treat. Second, use this time to get back in touch with yourself and find your self-love. 

Scorpio – The rose-colored glasses are on and painting fantastical impressions of new people around you. Don’t release your skepticism at this time. Things are not as they seem. 

Sagittarius – Technology isn’t the best place to find your mate right now. Get out there #irl and reconnect with old friends.

Capricorn – There is a drive to mix business with pleasure at the moment. Stop and think, “Could this be misinterpreted for something else? Is this really the image I want for my business and myself?” 

Aquarius – You crave space and freedom right now but are at risk of hurting others in the process. Reward yourself with that freedom but think of others first and how to effectively and respectively let them know you need your space.

Pisces – It’s very tempting to dive into the more taboo aspects of relationships. Instead of doing this with others, try it out on yourself first and embrace your sexiness. Try a pole dancing class or get that lingerie you’ve been wanting. 

Photo by Mark Basarab on Unsplash