***Venus Moves into Libra***

Libra is one of the signs that Venus rules, so this placement is quite natural and for a moment, it may feel like a sigh of relief. However, Venus is still retrograde so we must keep the same approach as we had with Venus Retrograde in Scorpio: rest, review, and slow down. Still expect friction within your relationships (and not the kinky kind). It will be especially difficult to create harmony within your relationships now that Venus is in the balancing, Libra sign. 

You may be tempted by an old flame but be VERY cautious, especially if you’re already coupled. They may spout out why they deserve a second chance and you may even begin to believe them but things are definitely not what they seem. Or perhaps you’re not phased by their B.S. (great for you!!) and you’re very happy in your current relationship. Just be VERY CLEAR with the old flame that you are not interested. Forget the passive aggressive approaches because they most likely won’t get it PLUS your S.O. could misinterpret your communications with that ex and then there will REALLY be problems!! 

Last word of caution with this placement: hold off on making any cosmetic changes to yourself or your environment. You might be drawn to a new haircut, edgy tattoo, new decor, or even a new home all together. It may even feel urgent that you need this change RIGHT NOW, but don’t listen to it quite yet. If you still feel the urgency to make these changes after November 16th when Venus goes direct, go for it!! Just beware that if you do it before then, it may turn into regret. 

***Mercury Moves to Sagittarius*** 

On Thursday, Mercury leaves Scorpio and enters playful, yet philosophical Sagittarius. Mercury will be here until December 2nd, when it goes back to Scorpio. That’s right, Mercury turns retrograde on November 17th, the day after Venus goes direct. Before Mercury turns backward, here’s what we can expect from Mercury in Sagittarius energies:

  • Freedom of expression 
  • Quick and to the point communication
  • Restless thoughts and a need for mental stimulation
  • Motivation to learn new things
  • Outspokenness 

Use these next couple weeks to work with these energies. Is there a subject you’ve wanted to learn more about? Have you been expressing and representing your true self lately? Is there a cause that I feel strongly about but have been silent and inactive? Take your responses to these questions and use that Sagittarian energy to take actions on them. 

Photo by Pablo Heimplatz on Unsplash